Open BOX Designs

Open BOX Rooms

      • AMUSE

        from $1,125.00

        Playroom. Game Room. Media Room. Bar. Billiard Room. Where we go to play & be silly.

      • BATHE

        from $700.00

        Master Bathroom. Kids Bathroom. Guest Bathroom. Where we wash our nose & toes.

      • BONUS

        from $1,000.00

        Any space you have needing attention we have not included.

      • EAT

        from $875.00

        Dining Room. Breakfast Area. Where we love to fill our bellies & celebrate together.

      • ENTER

        from $650.00

        Foyer. Mud Room. Where one turns their key & say’s “ahh home sweet home”!

      • GROW

        from $850.00

        Kids Bedroom. Where at one time we all loved to be tucked in & kissed good night.

      • LIVE

        from $1,450.00

        Family Room. Living Room. Salon. Where we gather to entertain, laugh & snuggle.

      • POWDER

        from $450.00

        Powder Room. Where one powders one’s nose of course!

      • SLEEP

        from $1,375.00

        Bedrooms. Where we count sheep & dream big dreams.

      • WORK

        from $1,475.00

        Home Office. Craft Room. Garage Workshop. Where we pay bills & create more bills:)